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Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque for sports car hire.


This signature car is an elegant and stylish SUV. Its gigantic stature gives the prestige car hire that bold appearance that is quite elating to say the least. The luxury car rental is one to relish for the fanatics of humongous signature cars.  We offer a fleet of brand new screaming Range Rover Evoque premium car hire for sports car hire services. To add, our experienced, highly trained chauffeurs are always available should you need one. Hire our cheap luxury car rentals for events such as tradeshows, business meetings, and conference meetings to mention a few. Ours is around the clock fast car hire service as we do not have specific times of operation. Call us at any time of the day whenever you need the best exotic car hire services in town.

With such an imposing exterior, the interior of the sports car rental does not disappoint either. This sports car hire has a generously spaced interior with plenty of leg-room in the rear space. You can carry your kid with you since the rear space of the signature car is enough for a baby rocker. You do not have to worry about leaving them with a nanny for the sake of a 30-minute conference meeting. For the vegans, this sports car rental’s interior would unquestionably warm your heart. Here is why. The posh car hire has a good interior material quality that is actually not made of leather. It has an all synthetic interior so you do not have to worry about seating on some dead animal’s skin! Sounds cool, right?

The infotainment system in this luxury car hire is very exciting, to begin with. The exotic car hire has a basic 10-inch touch screen. Coupled with this, is a faster processor Wi-Fi hotspot satellite navigation that includes apple car play. The digital driver’s display puts punctuation to the signature car’s amazing futuristic features. Furthermore, this posh car hire also comes along with a secondary touch screen! This one aids in the climate control system as well as with the electricity-heated seats. Even more fulfilling, is that the whole system is super easy to navigate through even when driving this premium car hire. With zero complications, the system is so easy to operate that it helps with your concentration when driving. When driving such an executive car hire, it is all hands on deck. You do not want to lose your concentration while cruising!

Additionally, this SUV sports car rental comes with a 2-liter turbo engine with about 250 horsepower. The executive car hire can consequently accelerate to 60 miles per hour in only 6.6 seconds. For such a gigantic signature car, it is agreeable that this is very impressive! Do not keep your loved one waiting at the airport with our cheap sports car hire services available at your fingertips! This sports car hire blends this impressive engine with an awesome four-wheel-drive. It also has normal cruise-control with automatic emergency braking. This luxury car rental would best friend if you are planning to visit an area with rugged terrain. It would be very accurate to say that the posh car hire thrives in such adversity! The balance it has in such conditions is nothing short of immense. Its adjustable accurate steering wheel further illustrates how well the driver is in control of everything.


This is your time to turn that thought of driving your dream signature car into a reality. The brand new Range Rover Evoque sports car hire services are available near you. Efficient, customer-centric, and customer-centric are the three best descriptions of our exotic car hire services. Give us a try and see how it goes! You have dealt with the rest. Now come deal with the best in this business of sports car rentals. We are more than eager to serve you!

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