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Sporty Porsche 911 for luxury car hire 


Are you a Porsche signature car geek? Is your obsession for the Porsche exotic car hire that immense? Are you always rooting for this signature car? Is the best posh car hire service available exactly what you are looking for? You are as lucky as they come! Cheap Limo Hire London provides this avant-garde fast car hire for you! The sporty Porsche 911 luxury car hires near you just got as accessible as ever. Our cheap car rentals with ready chauffeurs are always waiting for that call to show up at your chosen destination. The premium car hire services we provide put this signature car at your fingertip. Contact us at Cheap Limo Hire to get this prestige car rental at your doorstep.

Is this fast car hire worth the publicity?

Firstly, this signature car has a 3-liter flat 6 turbocharged engine with an astounding 450 horsepower! You will not find many high-performance posh cars hires like this. The sports car hire has a 3-second acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour. This signature car’s incredible speed is exactly what you need when going on that road trip. How fulfilling is it to test these prestige car hire’s speeds with your friends acting all wild and psyched up? The engine of this fast car hire is located at the back. This gives the signature car an enormous amount of traction for a 4-wheel drive. This unusual feature gives the posh car hire a quite heavy rear but a light front for that matter! Explore Cheap Limo Hire’s cheap luxury car rentals for luxury car hire near you. 

Being mainly a 2-seater luxury car hire, it has quite enough headroom for tall people. Do not let the signature car’s exterior fool you into thinking you cannot get your 6ft self into it! This prestige car hire has a uniquely done dashboard that gives it that elegant look. The luxury car rental has an 11-inch touch screen with satellite navigation Apple car play. Alongside it is a 150 Watt 8-speaker sound system in the sports car hire. More thrilling is the digital driving display with a 7-inch screen in the interior of the signature car! 

In to the bargain, the prestige car hire has a significantly wide body that is ideally aerodynamic. This additionally gives the luxury car hire that much-needed grip on the track! The enormous grip of this signature car makes it quite easy for corner turns. Alongside, it makes the posh car hire feel very nimble! The diehards know that this signature car is the most easily drivable supercar. This prestige car hire will get you to a business meeting in a blink of an eye! The flashy exterior for this luxury car rental will make you look the part in any event you attend. The dual-zone climate control in this posh car hire makes the interior quite refreshing, especially for road trips! 


You have dreamed it, it is time to drive it with our cheap luxury car rentals! Our premium car hire services allow you to turn that dream into reality. Best believe that this is not your average executive car hire, walking the talk is what we do! Get in touch with us and live your dream!

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