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McLaren 720s for premium car hire services


Have you ever had an unforgettable experience with a signature car? Does your obsession with signature cars make people think you are possessed?  Do you long for the day you will rent a luxury car without having to break the bank?  Does all the hype and noise about the McLaren 720s make you desire premium car hire services?  Have you searched for a company with favorable exotic car hire prices without any success? I am elated to introduce to you the Cheap Limo Hire London posh car hire company. The Cheap Limo Hire London has the McLaren 720s for premium car hire services. The proliferation of premium car hire services has recently risen with more people relishing signature cars! Nonetheless, we are glaringly different as we offer the most efficient fast car hire services! We are here to ensure that your experience with the McLaren 720s posh car hire will exceed your expectations.

What makes this sports car rental valuable?

With the big boys in the signature car world setting the bar so high, the McLaren 720s has outdone its predecessors.  Blisteringly quick, impressive, monumental are some of the words that signature car enthusiasts used to describe this premium machine. This exceptional sports car rental has completely reinvigorated the McLaren supercar series! In addition to having a better engine, this sports car rental even has significantly more horsepower. In detail, this premium car hire has a 4-liter V-8 twin-turbo engine which produces a sonorous sound typical of a signature car. This robustly powerful engine has 720 horsepower. Talk of being the ultimate hypercar to consider for executive car hire!

On top of that, this luxury car rental has the body and performance of a typical Formula 1 racing car! Clearly, this premium car hire is nothing short of terrific. It has a peak torque of about 568 pounds per feet making this exotic car hire one for the ages. The absolute power of this fast car hire makes it smoothly accelerate to 124 miles per hour. The McLaren 720s is undoubtedly faster than most signature cars in the business. Additionally, this sports car rental has a dual-clutch transmission that aids the exceptional engine in controlling the back wheels.  

One significant feature that will carry you away is how the doors of thesis premium car hire are hinged upwards! The doors of this signature car are also soft close along with being automated to close effortlessly.  The seats have exceptional technology that moves you to your favorite position when using the steering wheel. 

The interior of this exotic care hire has the following sumptuous features:

  • The dashboard is totally covered with high-quality leather giving this fast car hire a sense of distinction.
  • The infotainment system is quite the one with already installed Apple car play android auto in the luxury car rental.  This comes along with a satellite navigation system that functions like google maps.
  • This luxury car for hire also has cozy well-polished leather seats that are utterly comfortable!
  • The several charging sports in this signature car’s interior are more than enough.


Our cheap sports car hire is ready to rise to the occasion whenever you need a sports car. Book our pliable luxury cars for hire such as the McLaren 720s for premium car hire services. Do not hold back and give us a call to deliver luxury cars for hire at your preferred destination. We do not make excuses so put your money where your mouth is!

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