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Whether you are wanting to hire a limo for a wedding, party, airport transfer or even prom, trust us to give you the best limo hire service in London. I am sure by now you must be wondering, who are these people? The company name is Cheap Limo Hire London, a limo hire company that provides the best services in London and the whole of the UK. Our fleet consists of extraordinary limousines. Among the most preferred limousines that we own is the Ford excursion.

Specs and features of Ford excursion London limo:

Ford is one of the most prominent car manufactures. All the Ford vehicles are known for their excellent performance. With most if not all the car manufacturing companies making limousines, Ford was not left behind. They came up with an extraordinary limousine, known as the Ford Excursion limousine, which is readily available in our limos for hire fleet. Below are the specs and features of the limousine for hire what really makes it special.

The most important aspect to check is the carrying capacity of the vehicle. Ford excursion limousine can carry up to sixteen passengers. Whatever plans you may have, and however many people you may be, be sure to all fit in the limousine for hire.

For your safety, the limousine for hire has seat belts installed as required by the law.

The seats of this limousine are special ones. They make you feel so comfortable, just like home. Would it even be a Ford if the seats were not as comfortable as they are?

On top of that, the London limo has mirrored ceilings, that give the interior of the car an extra poppy look.

If you want to host a party in the Ford excursion limo for hire, be our guest. The London limo has a mini bar section where you can get your drinks whenever you feel like. We always advise our customers to give us orders of the drinks they prefer to avoid a mix up later on.

Would it be a party without a perfect sound system? Of course the Ford excursion is built in with a strong sound system that brings out the sound of the music perfectly.

Also, the limousine for hire has a functioning air conditioning system. It is very important to have this as sixteen passengers are a lot of people and it might get hot in the limousine.

Extra features for the limousine for hire include: cherry wood interiors, heated front and rear seats and overhead console.

All these extraordinary features complement the exterior design of the limousine for hire. Be sure to get everyone’s attention with the Ford excursion London limo.

Why get the Ford excursion with us?

Cheap limo hires London is a luxury car hire company that deals with the hiring of limousines. Why would you get yourself a Ford excursion limo for hire with us? There are so many advantages of using our limo hire services as follows:

We have the best chauffeurs in town. Our limo hire chauffer crew comprises of the best, highly trained, and experienced chauffeurs. We train the chauffeurs and show them how to treat customers with the utmost respect. Other than that, they have valid UK driving licenses. The limo hire chauffeurs are also equipped with first aid skills that sometimes come in handy when a customer is in need.

With us, you get quality limo hire services at an affordable rate. We do not overcharge any of our customers. Whether you are a celebrity or non-celebrity. We treat everybody in the same way because we believe that everyone matters. Where else can you get quality limo hire services at an affordable rate? Partner with us and we will show you how possible this is.

All our London limos are cross-checked before use. What do we mean by this? We make sure that every luxury vehicle owned by cheap limo hire London is in good shape and roadworthy. We would never endanger the life of a customer by ignoring such simple protocols.

Also, after every use, the limos for hire are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next event. At no point would you ever order for our limo hire services and get a messy car.

Events when the ford excursion would be suitable.

You can never go wrong with the ford excursion, no matter the occasion.

Ford excursion for airport transfers.

Ford excursion has a huge boot space, ideal for people travelling with a lot of luggage. This limousine for hire was built for this kind of job. However many your luggage may be, they will all fit in the boot space. Our airport transfer services are very convenient and affordable. Our limo hire chauffeurs will be there to pick you up in time and drop you off at the airport. When you use our London limos for airport transfer service, be sure to always catch the flight on time.

The next time you are travelling, either alone, with friends or family, give us a call and we will give you the best ride of your life to the airport. The advantage of using our airport transfer services is that you will get a red-carpet treatment wherever you go. If it is the long queues, you will not have to make them because we will pull strings for you to get a pass. You can only travel like a boss and in style if you use our limousines for hire.

Ford excursion for weddings.

On the wedding day, you would be surprised to find out that most weds find it difficult to get a reliable transport guy. One that will be on time and also provide the rental at an affordable price. Worry not because you just found your reliable transport guy. We specially have a wedding limo hire service package for this purpose.

Once you have booked the Ford excursion limo for your wedding, our team of enthusiasts will do the rest. All you have to do is give us the time, date and location. We understand that a day like this can be full of frustrations. We are not planning to be part of the things stressing you at all. Use our limousines for hire for your wedding and you will get the best wedding limo hire services without a doubt. Let us make beautiful memories together as partners.

Ford excursion for birthday parties.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, the Ford excursion limo for hire would be a great choice for birthday parties. For kids, we can do decorations with ribbons and balloons to make the environment more interesting for the child. We will also avail non-alcoholic drinks at the minibar section. We strictly do not give alcohol to persons under the age of eighteen. Book this amazing London limo and let your child have a fun time on his/her birthday. In case you need to invite a lot of people, there is plenty of space in the limo for hire.

for adults, if you are hosting a party in the London limo be sure to enjoy drinks from the minibar and the great sound system. The limo hire chauffeur provided for you will drive you to any location of your choice.  Have fun in our London limo with your friends or even family on your birthday. Choose the ford excursion limo for hire and you will not regret it.


These three are not the only occasions you can attend to with the Ford excursion limo for hire. Whatever occasion it may be, whether a road trip, hen night or even burial, do not shy away from contacting us. Let us be your reliable transport providers whenever you need a ride anywhere.

What is the price of renting a limo with Cheap limo hire London?

This is a question most people ask. We understand that in most situations, hiring a limousine in London can be very expensive. We want you to have fun without worrying about the price of the limousine for hire. This is why we provide all our limo hire services at very affordable rates.

We want you to come back every time you need limo hire services or any other car rental service. That can only happen if we keep our prices low. You do believe it? Why not visit us or even contact our agents to get more information about renting a limo?

There is no general price set for all the limousines. The price to be paid mainly depends on the distance to be covered, the time spend with the limousine for hire and lastly, the pickup and drop off points.


What is keeping you from booking the Ford excursion limousine for hire in London? Our services are available to everyone in the UK and at affordable rates. For more information about the Ford excursion limo for hire, kindly contact us and you will get assistance. We look forward to working with you as partners in different events. You can only get high quality limo hire services at Cheap Limo Hire London.


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