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Rent a fire engine limo in London.


Are you an outgoing person and feel like you have exhausted all your party options? Do you need a party plan that will blow every one’s mind away? Then you are at the right place. Have you heard of the fire engine London limo? By now you must be asking yourself a few questions. Is the fire engine London limo an actual fire engine vehicle? Yes, it is. On the outside, the limo looks just like a normal fire engine vehicle. The icing on the cake is the interior design of the London limo. This will leave your mouth wide agape! Hire a fire engine limo for a day and have fun.

What makes the fire engine London limo special?

You must be wondering why this particular limo for hire has received so much praise. This London limo has a number of features that makes it very special. Here is a list of these specs and features:

The fire engine limo for hire actually comes with uniformed firemen as the chauffeurs. Fire fighters are respected people in the society as they play a very big role. If you admire them, why not hire a limo, the fire engine limo for hire and get a chance to hang out with firemen? You can even take pictures with them for memories.

The interior of the limousine for hire is breath-taking. It has black leather seats, which are very comfortable and each seat has a safety belt. It’s good to have fun and still be safe at the same time.

There is a minibar section in the fire engine London limo for hire. All the drinks you would want can easily be availed at the minibar section. Make sure you make the request prior so we can have the drinks at the mini bar for you.

What would a party be without music? The fire engine limo for hire has an enormous sound system for your entertainment. Like we said, this is partying on another level, not the usual club or house parties.

On top of that, the limousine for hire is engineered with party lighting and laser to set in the party mood. You don’t want to be in a brightly lit party or even a dark one. The lighting provided by the fire engine London limo is just right for a party.

This London limo can accommodate up to sixteen passengers. All your friends can fit in and have fun with you. If you want a smaller one, we also have an eight passenger fire limo. The choice is yours to make.

The fire engine London limo is available in both red and the rare pink. What are you waiting for? Contact us and we will bring the fire engine limo for hire to your door step.

Why you should trust our fire engine limo for hire.

A lot of questions might arise when you are asked to take a car hire option. Is it safe for me and my family? All these questions are answered below:

First and fore most, as required by law, all the fire engine limousines for hire have been installed with the best safety belts in case of an accident. We highly value our customers safety and can never jeopardise it.

We have a legal permit from the relevant authorities to carry passengers in the fire engine limo for hire. You don’t have to worry about the police when you are on board as we have the correct documentation required by VOSA.

After every use, the fire engine limo for hire is usually checked for defects and if any is found, corrections done. Every week, the vehicles are serviced to ensure they are roadworthy. Your safety is our priority.

And last but not least, the chauffeurs who drive the fire engine limo for hire have the required UK licences. The chauffeurs are also trained on how to deal with customers politely and how to take care of them. Yes, we teach them how to do first aid, because anything can happen while partying. Rest assured you will be safe when aboard the fire engine limo for hire.

What are the limo hiring prices for the fire engine?

You would be surprised to know how affordable it is to hire a limo with us. This does not only apply to the fire engine limo for hire but also all the London limos. Having fun of course comes at a cost. But with us, the cost won’t be too much to handle. Our prices are very competitive and reasonable.

Although, you should note the prices to hire a limo all differ. This does not mean that some are more expensive than others. There are price determinants that we consider before giving the limo booking price. These are factors such as pick up and drop off points. In short, the longer the distance cover the more the money since more fuel is used.

Also, we consider factors such as duration spent with the limo for hire. The more the hours spent, the more the limo hiring price for the London limo. We want you to have fun without worrying about the limo booking price. That is why we provide all our service packages at a cheap and affordable price. Our prices are unbeatable and services available in the city of London as well as the whole of the UK.

When you ask around, you will get feedback of how cheap limo hire London provides high quality services at affordable rates. If you do not believe it, make a point of booking a limo with us, the fire engine limo and take your parties to a whole new level. The booking process is very easy and fast. Also, we have our agents ready to offer you help in case you are stuck.

On what occasions is the fire engine limo used?

The fire engine limo for hire in London can suit a lot of occasions. Below is a list of some of the occasions it suits:

Fire engine limo for hen night parties.

It is that night, that you and the girls want to have a private party. Why not hire a fire engine limo with cheap limo hire London and get the privacy and fun time you are looking for? Start the party right from your doorstep. If you would like to drive to a specific location, all you have to do is request the chauffeur. You can start the party at one point and end it in the morning at another. Do not limit yourself to the usual hen night parties.

Fire engine limo for kid’s party.

Kids love fire men and are most likely to enjoy their company more than adults. Is your kid’s birthday coming up and you need a plan? The plan is to hire a fire engine limo and let the kids have fun. In such a case, we allow for decorations so if you would like us to decorate the London limo, make a request. Your child will be delighted to have their party in an actual fire engine machine. We are here to make sure you have the best of the best.

Fire engine limo for weddings.

Did you know that if you showed up in a fire engine limo for your wedding that would be the talk of the universe? Normally, brides prefer showing up in fancy little sports cars. Break the record and be the unique one. Our wedding limo hire services are so much affordable. Just like the kid’s parties, we do wedding decorations as well. The wedding limo hire package also comes with a few other privileges like a personal chauffeur. You can choose to have either the pink or red limo.

Also, you can hire the fire engine machine to pick your visitors from the airport and take them to the location of the wedding. Our wedding limo hire services are diverse and not limited to transporting the bride or groom only. Just make a request and we will do it.

Fire engine limo for prom nights.

Make your child’s prom night special by hiring a limo for the event. You can join hands with other parents and book the fire engine limo for hire. This will reduce the cost for you as each parent will contribute their share. Also, your children will have fun all together on the way to the prom event. Prom limo hire services are available all over the UK for everyone.


The fire engine limo for hire is an extraordinary vehicle. We are sure you will enjoy yourself more than ever when on board. The fire engines are usually on high demand, so do not hesitate to book for one. The time is now! For more information about the limo for hire or our limo hire services, kindly contact us. We look forward to working with you and making more memories together.

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