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Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley limousine car hire.


Just like any other car bearing the Bentley logo, the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley Limo has grown to be people’s favorite luxury car. This is the type of car that gets heads turning wherever it goes. Are you planning for a wedding and urgently need a luxury car to transport your guests to the wedding location? Why not try the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley Limo which is available for renting cheap limo hire London? Wondering who we are? Cheap limo hires London, as the name suggests, is the best place to hire a limo whenever you are in the UK. Our limos for hire are available for use all over the UK, not just in the city of London.

What makes the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley unique?

After its debut in 2004, the baby Bentley became a popular luxury vehicle. The limo for hire is an eight-seater, hence it has a large carrying capacity. The London limousine has unique gull-wing doors that draw all the attention towards it wherever it goes. With this, you are sure to get necks breaking. No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with a Baby Bentley limousine. Try it out today!

Having been in the car hire industry for a long time, we understand that different occasions require different color themes. That has the limousine for hire available in a variety of colors. Maybe you require a white one for a wedding occasion, a cream one for a birthday party or a pink one for the hen night. Whatever color you may want, we have it ready for you.

The interior décor of the London limo is as astonishing as the exterior design. If you thought you had seen it all, wait till you get inside the Bentley Limo. It is not just a usual limousine, it is one of a kind. The C300 Baby Bentley Limo is designed with comfortable leather seats. Be sure to enjoy your journey without feeling a bump on the road.

Boredom is unheard-of to customers who board the Bentley limo. How so? This amazing London limousine is built-in with a powerful sound system, that customers can use for their entertainment. Also, there is a flat-screen television where you can watch your favorite TV shows before getting to the destination.

While on your way, you can get drinks from the minibar section inside the Bentley Limo. Isn’t that incredible? There is a variety of drinks available at the minibar. If there is a particular drink you would like us to avail of, kindly make the request before. Note that the use of alcohol is strictly for persons over the age of eighteen. For kids, there are fruit juice and sodas available as well.

The limo booking process for Bentley Limo is quite simple. All you have to do is contact us and we will do the hard work for you. Hire a limo, the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley for your party. The luxury car has fiber optic lighting that brings out the perfect party mood. And of course, the powerful sound system will also spice things up.

The baby Bentley limo has tinted windows for privacy. Also, there is a privacy glass divider that separates the chauffeur from the customers. You can peacefully handle your business without being disturbed by anyone.

For your safety, the limousine for hire has been fitted with seat belts. Our customers’ safety and satisfaction is our topmost priority. That is why we also assign the best chauffeur for the job. One that is familiar with the route being taken and also one that is very careful. In short words, all our limo hire chauffeurs are well trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge.

If you would like the Bentley Limo to be decorated for events such as birthdays, or weddings, we can do that for you for a fee. The Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley Limo has many features that will amaze you. Some you can only experience by being on board. Why not get this luxury car for your next limo hire services?

Why get the baby Bentley limo with cheap limo hire London?

Cheap limo hires London is a luxury car hire company that deals with the hiring of limousines. Why would you get yourself a Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley Limo with us? There are so many advantages of using our limo hire services as follows :

We have the best chauffeurs in town. Our limo hire chauffer crew comprises of the best, highly trained, and experienced chauffeurs. We train the chauffeurs and show them how to treat customers with the utmost respect. Other than that, they have valid UK driving licenses. The limo hire chauffeurs are also equipped with first aid skills that sometimes come in handy when a customer is in need.

With us, you get quality limo hire services at an affordable rate. We do not overcharge any of our customers. Whether you are a celebrity or non-celebrity. We treat everybody in the same way because we believe that everyone matters. Where else can you get quality limo hire services at an affordable rate? Partner with us and we will show you how possible this is.

All our London limos are cross-checked before use. What do we mean by this? We make sure that every luxury vehicle owned by cheap limo hire London is in good shape and roadworthy. We would never endanger the life of a customer by ignoring such simple protocols.

Also, after every use, the limos for hire are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next event. At no point would you ever order for our limo hire services and get a messy car.

Services we provide with the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley Limo.


For that perfect wedding you have always wanted, let us do our magic and you will surely love it. Wedding limo hire services are available to all in London and all over the UK. Is your daughter’s wedding coming up soon and you want to make her day memorable? Why not hire a limo with us, the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley Limo? Our wedding limo hire services are known far and wide and many can testify that they are the best.

Hiring a limo cost can sometimes be high. With us, you will not have to worry about the price because all our limos for hire are provided at a cheap cost. Hire a limo with us and get the chance to enjoy quality wedding limo hire services at an affordable rate. Work with us on your wedding day and we will give you the best of the best.

Prom nights

Is there a better way to arrive in style for your prom night event than using a Bentley limo? Limos for prom are available at cheap limo to hire London. We provide chauffeurs to drive the kids to the destination and the chauffeur can pick them up after the event if you request the service.

Make this special night more memorable and picture-perfect by using our limos for prom. The prices for all the packages differ all though they are all affordable. The main factor that makes the prices differ is the distance covered, pick up and drop off points as well as time taken with the limousines for hire. If you need our limos for prom service, do not shy away from contacting us.

Airport transfer

After a long flight, all one can think of is getting a fast and convenient ride to the destination. Why not get yourself the comfort of a Bentley limo and travel in style? When you use our airport transfer services, be sure to get first-class treatment. This also applies to places where you have to queue. Our chauffeurs will pull a few strings and you won’t have to make the long queues.

Also, we value time-keeping very much. At no time will you ever be late because of us. The limo hire service chauffeurs have been trained to always keep time. The Bentley limo is also very comfortable and spacious. All your luggage will fit in the boot of the luxury car. If you will need a drink, the minibar section is available. Enjoy a cold glass of champagne as you are driven like a boss by our limo hire chauffeur.


Enjoy the best quality limo hire services at affordable rates only with cheap limo hire London. We always aim to be better each time and that is why we value your feedback. Our London limos are accessible to all in the UK, not just in the city of London. Try out the baby Bentley limo the next time you need limo hire services in London and you will not regret it. We are here to satisfy all your limo hire needs. Contact us for more information about the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley Limo or if you have any questions about our limo hire service packages. 

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