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BMW 1 Series

The spectacular BMW 1 series sports car for hire.


Saying that the new BMW 1 series is nothing short of voluptuous is a gross understatement! This supercar completely caught most car enthusiasts unawares because of its latest front wheel design. Of importance to note is that being a BMW sports car, it was predicted to have a rear-wheel drive. Let us be honest, we were all taken aback by this latest feature in the luxury car. Consequently, the external shape of this exotic car is different making it more aesthetically pleasing! I wouldn’t think twice if an opportunity to try out this state-of-the-art machine came my way. Our luxury car hire avails this chance for you to get the first-hand experience in this executive car.

Also, its spectacular rear gives this luxury car that sporty look at the bumper making it a more exciting site to behold. Also, if you have a phone with NFC technology, it could serve as a key to lock this exotic car. This would rivet attention to you during corporate meetings as this is pure class! Don’t hesitate to rent this luxury car when attending your business meetings.

Furthermore, one can considerably adjust the driving seat of this executive car. Not to forget, there are lots of adjustments on the steering wheel too of this luxury elite car. Need I say, whether big or small, tall or short, the BMW 1 Series is comfortable for all and sundry. It also has quite an amount of space owing to its front-wheel-drive designs making it quite cozy. On top of that, it has a 9-inch infotainment screen. The apple car play is also available for music lovers! This is surely the ideal luxury car hire for even for your wedding. This sheer comfort would go a long way to put the icing on the cake on your big day!

Along with that, the capacity of this sports car’s boot is 380 liters. Because of this, you can be well contented that your luggage is safe even over long distances. Further, you can fold the rear seats to have a continuous floor providing more space for luggage. Hiring this luxury car after landing at the port after a long flight would be ideal for you! Not only can the boot carry all your belongings, but the comfy interior will also provide that relaxing environment.

It has interior mood lighting besides an artificial digital ecosystem made to modify the interior environment according to your preference. You can create your atmosphere in this exotic car! I mean, how awesome is that? Its wide doors provide room for inserting bulky stuff into the car. For those wanting to move around with toddlers in baby rockers, this supercar was made for you. Take advantage of our professional luxury car hire to navigate around the UK with this posh car.



Honestly, the BMW 1 series has received much praise from the so-called online reviewers. I’m a firm believer that experience is irreplaceable. Grab your smartphone and reach out to us to hire this supercar for a day or more! As they say, do not talk about it, be about it and live it!

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