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Stylish Audi RS6 for premium car hire services

At Cheap Limo Hire, we share your passion for glamorous signature cars. Consequently, we have gone out of our way to ensure the best sports car rentals are available at your fingertips. Not only are the prestige car hires in top-notch condition, but they are also well maintained and frequently serviced. All this is done to ascertain that our executive car hire services live up to the hype! Amongst our well-endowed fleet of signature cars are the Audi RS6. The Audi RS6 is available for premium car hire services at Cheap Limo Hire London. Your wish is our command, and our prestige car hire services will vividly demonstrate this.

The Audi RS6 was launched into the scene in 2002. This sports car hire has since never looked back in terms of making vast improvements. This sports car rental is sophisticated and involving an estate car. Being a flagship Audi, this supercar rental surprisingly has a modest outlook. The signature car does not have the most elegant or flashy exterior and therefore, it does not draw much attention. Only automobile geeks know what this executive car hire is about. This premium car hire’s decent outlook makes it very underrated, unlike other signature cars with more sassy exteriors.

In terms of performance, this premium car hire is one to marvel at. Firstly, the sports car rental has a twin-turbocharged 3996cc V8 engine type. This comes along with 591 horsepower together with 800Nm of torque for the posh car hire. Needless to say, this luxury car rental accelerates to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds. This executive car hire will serve you optimally if you ever run late for any meeting. Are you not comfortable exploring the luxury car rental’s high performance by yourself? Our professional chauffeurs with vast experience will safely drive you to your destination. Even at supersonic speeds, you will be safe in our luxury car hire as we have the best chauffeurs in the business. Remember, your well-being and satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our sports car hire services.

The Audi RS6 signature car has an exceptional interior. Most notable in the prestige car rental is the cozy RS star sports seats that are well-contoured. They are made of Alcoa that is quite comfortable. The elegant feeling that oozes from this premium car hire’s interior is very satisfactory. As well as being heated, the seats in the luxury car rentals are fully electric to give you the comfiest feeling. With the enormous amount of room in the rear seats, this prestige car rental is unquestionably ideal for your family travel.


Use our cheap sports car rentals to experience your desired signature car at pocket-friendly prices. Our exotic car hire services are here to make life easier for you. Be free to exploit our posh car hire services for all your desired events. We make your weddings, conference, and airport transfers as well as prom events more exciting. Our sports car rentals are not limited to these events as we are extremely flexible. Partner with us to give you the best fast car hire experience ever!




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